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Booking Expert

Excerpt from official site

Powerful, flexible, secure. In a word, revolutionary. The new release Booking Engine R2, developed by Booking Expert, is the result of experience and in-depth knowledge of the needs of operators and the customers within the hospitality industry. It integrates everything needed to manage the facility’s availability, rates and offers, through the website, mobile and social networks.

2-way Channel Manager
All portals updated, with a click
Thanks to a simple and intuitive interface, you can manage easily, quickly and automatically all booking portals that sell your rooms. Over 250 portals/channels that can be connected (OTA, B2B, GDS and Booking Engine management systems) and interfaced with all the main management systems (PMS) present on the market.

Connectivity value *****

Level 4. Hotel, Rooms, Rates and Availability provided via direct connection.

Requires manual setup.

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