The New Era of Hotel Advertising

All-inclusive Metasearch Solution with Bidding A.I. Enhancement

Ads Hotel easily connects Hotels to major metasearch platforms to increase direct bookings


Media Agency,

Hotel Chains & OTAs,

Independent Hotels.

The growing concern from Advertisers about the ROAS Return On Advertising Spent has caused a shift towards more performance-based Advertising.

The opportunity today is to compete in the Metasearch arena (Google, Tripadvisor, Trivago, etc.) and reach millions of targeted users per month.


Ads Hotel is the leading platform to connect hotels to metasearch portals, allowing them to compete in the same internet ecosystem of OTAs.
This self-catering platform, with its unique core features, enables Hotels not only to connect and advertise but also optimize their campaigns, increasing revenue and generating new direct bookings.

Ads Hotel is your one-stop solution to connect your Hotels to the major metasearch platforms.

Our pragmatic software is designed for Media Agencies, Hotel Chains, OTAs and Independent Hotels to allow for a focus on direct bookings and ROI, while leaving the technology to us. The major metasearch portals, with their millions of users per month, are already connected and ready to host your Ad.

Enhance Performance, Get more Bookings

Pioneers in metasearch advertising, Ads Hotel has proven stability in delivering Direct Bookings.

PAI – Price Advertising Impact

Increase in Direct Sales


 CSI – Commissions Saving Index

Commissions’ Decrease on OTAs


After 3 months in AdsHotel

  • Direct Bookings

  • Intermediate

Before AdsHotel

  • Direct Bookings

  • Intermediate


Campaign’s budget

Bookings’ Forecast

The figures shown are based on average results generated on the Platform.

The ROI generated may vary based on important aspects such as rate competitiveness, web reputation, etc.


Ads Hotel is a self-management platform that puts comprehensive campaign management in your hands while you optimally bid amongst the main metasearch players.


Restrict your campaign to a desired budget by setting a daily limit for each channel, or a budget per month to last the campaign according to your needs.


Once understood, the most requested dates or “Stop Dates” will let you focus your budget when really needed. Use our intelligent multipliers to define your own strategy, analyze missed impressions to better understand your potential targets, obtain traveller queries and manage optimal dates.


Machine Learning applied to hotel marketing

Predictive analytics machine learning to increase direct bookings and maximize hotel profits.
 Our bidding engine, Ai powered, recognizes the singularity of each campaign and gives actionable signals to optimize the campaigns.


We will forecast the right budget to get the most out of each campaign. Catching the logic out of a multitude of information starts from auditing of hotels and gathering the key references.


The setup of a campaign made simple. The AI instantly understand the potential and provide a bidding preset to start advertise in the most effective way.


The AI monitors the campaign behavior and reacts giving human supervised signals. A data ocean to compute to find the singularity of each momentum to increase conversions and ROI

Features ready

Technology ready

Obtain your all-inclusive metasearch advertising solution with one simple connectivity.

Unique budget

Define one budget and let the portals tap into it according to your requests.

Meta manager

Easily set restrictions that enhance revenue by driving visitors to your desired check-in dates.

Millions of users per month

Most important metasearch platforms already connected, with more portals in the pipeline.

Bidding Intelligence

State-of-the-art A.I integration provides unparalleled optimization suggestions.

Effortless connectivity

Our platform can be connected to any IBE or Channel Manager hassle-free.

Alerts and reports

Customizable reports are set to highlight the most relevant KPIs, giving you the full perspective.

Live Support

Integrated ticketing system and knowledge-based platform to assist you at anytime.


The Hotel doesn’t have to split it’s budget for each metasearch, the platform will automatically balance it so you can simply set one budget for the campaign and let the portals use it in accordance with your requests.


Furthermore, you are in full control of your costs by increasing your bidding to get your Ad prioritized, alternatively, you can decrease/pause a channel that isn’t performing in accordance with your KPIs at anytime.


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