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Google and AdsHotel: Helping Hotels to engage Trevelers

16 Mar Google and AdsHotel: Helping Hotels to engage Trevelers


That’s a News!

Google will provide the link to the hotel without any click cost, nor commission!

Indeed Google officially deploy the new organic feature since a week during ITB and we immediately recorded an increase in volume.

Volume and ROI increased on Google
Any doubt?

I know, often when it comes to something for free we start to think that it will work or if it is some marketing to engage more clients. If somebody offer me a free gift out of a store, I reply “no thanks”.

This is different! Google is supporting free visibility to help travel in this difficult moment. AdsHotel wants to help as well so no Monthly Fee nor Budget to invest.

Simply free. A great opportunity.

Ok it’s free, but… does it work?

Let’s be very frankly… you should NOT expect the volume of a regular paid ad. These results/ ads will be shown only in the “view more rates” page into the second section.

BUT – yes there’s a but – Organic free links are already converting! So the chance is to start your Organic campaign now and be already ready for travelers.

How to publish your link to let travelers land into the Hotel official website?

Basically the same requirements to run a campaign: we need to retrieve rates and availability from the hotel – integration list – and to connect to your analytics to record results, ROI, etc.

Then we will setup the campaign in order to be shown only in the organic part of Google travel.

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