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Brand Protection to complete Hotels Digital Strategy

Enhance direct bookings with a Google Ads campaign up in 9 languages and planned in +40 countries

Travel Programmatic to engage more travelers

Brand Protection Campaigns are, within the Metasearch Advertising, the most effective digital marketing strategy for most of the hotels.


AdsHotel is the All-in-One platform to run Campaigns on Google Ads based on the Hotel Brand Name and Location with NO setup.


In a full automated mode a group of announces will be created in up to 9 Languages to let Hotels focus on ROI and Direct Sales generated.

Brand Protection is the perfect complement to master the Digital Strategy

We’ve taken care of all of the complexity

Create a Brand Protection Campaign requires content creation of announces, translations, countries plan and not to mention to set keywords, bidding and Tracking.

1. Set Basics

Set the Daily Budget and Duration and shorten/ modify if needed the Basic info


2. Choose Visibility

Low, Medium or High Visibility presets will create in a automated mode 3 announces per each language: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Arabic, Korean, Portuguese, Russian


3. Optimize ROI

Monitor ROI and Direct Sales generated to optimize campaign based on Travelers’ countries

Tech requirements? Almost none

Most of the Tech Complexity into Brand Protection campaigns is related to the content creation and then its localization.


All of this has been fully automated, so the remaining requirements are simply:


Install Tracking code into the Official Website


Optional:  Customize Category, Location, Landing page, etc