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Now, nothing comes between
Hotels and Travel Providers.

We are HyperGuest. A revolutionary new travel channel where rooms move at hyperspeed.


I’m a Hotelier I HAVE A ROOM TO PLACE.

Simple API connection allows you to automatically place room
availability in real time to our marketplace. Rooms are ready for
direct booking by travel providers. Say hello to data transparency.
Say goodbye to high-commissions. Sit back and watch the rooms fly.


I’m a Travel Provider I WANT TO BOOK A ROOM.

With the HyperGuest marketplace, travel providers now have the
power. View and book real, live rooms at real and competitive
prices. Skip the middlemen. Skip the high-commission costs. And
eliminate false bookings once and for all, at the speed of light.

Connectivity value *****

Level 4. Hotel, Rooms, Rates and Availability provided via direct connection.

Requires manual setup.

CRS / Global