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Row row row your boat

24 Jun Row row row your boat

In the blink of an eye things change and evolve. and may seem oppressing, put it’s the pressure that turns coal into diamonds.
Okay, let’s get back to reality: our industry hit that iceberg and sunk.
Our big safe beautiful ship doesn’t exist anymore but now we can see land on the horizon.
What do we see?

Domestic Travel will dominate the scenario due to both the restrictions imposed by the different goverative approches, but also because travellers have an higher perception of safety within their own Country.
Domestic is a good starting point but it’s not enough, our concern is: when will borders fully re-open? That’s the turning point we’re all waiting for to increase international travel again.

Most occupancy is right now leisure, summer is almost here and we’ve been noticing searches for July, August and few in September and October. Volume will be lower as expected, that’s why we need to focus our efforts to leisure first to get more conversions.

Very small or very big booking window, thanks the new implemented insights of AdsHotel platform we can clearly understand when people is looking to book an it’s either a few days or even a month in advance.
The worldwide uncertainty is reflected in these data, silver lining? Even so, people are searching anyways.

Restrictions are starting to ease – the landscape about this is still very diverse, national and regional measures are applied depending on the phase of the recovery and flight companies are as well copying with this unprecedented event.

Here’s a useful link to keep the pace with the regulations:
In a week it will officially be Summer, when travellers pack their bags and start their trips, did you prepare to catch them all?

Most importantly, we don’t like to be led God-knows-where by the stream: we like to lead the boat and move forward so… sleeves up and read the title again :blush:

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